Walker Checklist

Here is the recommended checklist for all walkers on preparation for "The Big Walk" on May 23rd:

Prior to Walking:

  • Get Adequate Sleep - get to bed early, at least the night before, to be adequately rested. This is especially important for walkers looking to finish the entire 50 miles.
  • Have Supplies Ready - get your clothes, food and other supplies ready to go the night before.
  • Eat a Light Breakfast - have a light breakfast before you leave the house so that you are ready to walk. This is especially true if you are walking from Metropark to Cranford, We should have some additional breakfast food available during the Cranford break.
  • Have Support Friend On Call – Have someone you can call if you run into a problem or need to get home in a hurry. We will have one car following the basic group of walkers providing some very basic assistance if needed.
  • Know Options to Get Home - For most walkers, it will mean a train ride back. Get schedule of trains you might need to get back. Here are the NJ Transit Train Schedules you might need. Interactive Scheduler - Northeast Corridor Lines - Raritan Valley Line

Supplies to Take Along:

  • 2 Water Bottles – 12, 16 or 20 oz and means to carry. Tip: Fill ¾ then freeze overnight, fill to top with water.
  • Hat – a cap with some kind of brim to provide shade while walking.
  • Food – any high carbohydrates. Power bars, dried fruit, pasta, mashed potatoes, rice, candy, etc. “Gorp” is an old standby with granola or nuts, dried fruit (raisins, craisins, etc.) and M&M’s.
  • Cell Phone – (or be accompanied by someone who has cell phone)
  • Basics – ID/Wallet, money, credit/debit card (for train ride), Metro card for PATH (you can pay for this at PATH).
  • Carrying Pack - (optional) Fanny pack, back pack or sling pack. Depends on what you are carrying. Lighter the better. Cargo pants or sharing with someone else may be sufficient. See #4 Top Ten Tips.
  • Jacket – (optional) an outer shell if weather looks like possibility of rain and/or cold. Could provide warmth if needed. Alternative would be umbrella. (weather report looks favorable at this time so may not be needed.)
  • Extra Socks (optional) – 1 extra pair of socks to change into if needed.

After Walking:

  • Rehydrate - asap drink adequate water or gatorade first. Best if not too cold.
  • Refuel - eat some carbs and protein. You may feel very hungry or too exhausted to eat. Either way begin to eat something. Don't feel like you have to eat a lot because of the energy you burned  – it depends on what your body wants.

 Printable Copy of Walker Checklist