Segment 3 - Newark - NYC - Revised 5/6/10

Penn Station Newark to Penn Station NYC

This 3rd segment is not listed in the ECG Muti-use Trail Guide for NJ, which is available from the ECG and can be downloaded for the other two previous trail segments. This final segment adds on walking around Liberty State Park and downtown NYC to cover about 20 miles.

Also, the online Interactive Map is slightly different for the route around Ferry St across the rivers. The route we'll be walking in down-neck Newark down Ferry St. has been revised slightly to go straight down Ferry St. This will shorten the 3rd segment by 1/4 to 1/2 mile. The remainder of the Segment 3 corresponds to the Interactive Map which you can see in detail if you zoom in.

See and print entire 11 page Segment 3 map in a PDF format. Click here to download This will also provide some street names to make it easier to see where you are turning and in what direction. Click here for an  enhanced diagram for the Raymond Blvd - Rts 1 & 9 intersection.